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   Welcome to "Space Battle: Interceptor". It's an arcade space shooter game, similar to Galaxian, but it offers several new gameplay features:

- player's ship has now health and rechargable shields, one enemy hit doesn't destroy our ship,

- ship's cannon needs energy from rechargable battery, so we have to shoot wisely,

- we can repair our ship by collecting shields and health pickups during the battle,

- our cannon can be improved by collecting pickups that decrease shot energy cost or increase damage, fire rate and projectiles speed,

- we can also boost our cannon/shields recharge rate by collecting energy and shields pickups,

- enemies are getting stronger with every new stage and they are attacking in bigger groups, but we also get much more points for finishing them.

   There is a high scores tab available. It contains 6 ranks.

To get the 1st rank, you need to collect 200k points.

You achieve 1st rank, you win the game. ;)

   W - move up
   S - move down
   A - move left
   D - move right
   hold P key - fire
   Escape - pause/unpause the game

glhf :)

Achieved with Unity3D using C# scripting.

contact: dawid.jagiela@hotmail.com


SpaceBattleInterceptor_Win.zip 12 MB

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