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   Welcome to "Missile Impact 3D". This game is inspired by a famous arcade game called "Missile Command", released in year 1980 by Atari.  This title operates in 3D environment. Player controls anti-missile launchers and his task is to defend base buildings against enemy activity. There are 4 sectors to be secured, each  of them consists of 7 buildings. The sector fails when all buildings get destroyed. If all sectors are defeated, the game is over.


   There is a high scores tab available. There are 5 ranks to achieve. To get the 1st rank, you need to collect 500k points. Let's say, you win the game when you achieve the 1st rank. ;)


Left Mouse Button click - launch missile to location indicated by mouse cursor
Esc -
pause/unpause the game (open pause menu)

glhf :)

Achieved with Unreal Engine 4 using C++ and Blueprint Scripting.

contact: dawid.jagiela@hotmail.com


MissileImpact_3D_1_1_Win64.zip 253 MB


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can you make it XP comptatible, please? also in 32bit, if it's not too mutch annoying! :) https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Programming/UnrealBuildSystem/Configura...

Thanks for advice. :) I'll see what can be done with XP version.